With the advent of information technology and the increasing power of computers, the Internet has such a tremendous impact on the way we live. The ease of doing things, the increased accessibility to information, and diminishing smaller borders of our modern world has been a boon to mankind. But it is also viewed as a bane. The Internet has become a huge spot to engage in all sorts of illegal activities.

In fact internet crime, which refers to any illegal activity that involves one or more components of the Internet, is one of the fastest growing crime rates in the country. There is a wide range of activities utilizing websites, chat rooms, email, among others, that can be deemed as a crime.

The following are some types of Cyber-crimes:

  • Hacking
  • Changing, damaging, copying or stealing software or data
  • Maliciously embedding malware or a virus on a computer system
  • Cyber stalking
  • Computer & Network Intrusion - illegal or unauthorized access to a computer system with intent of manipulating confidential data and critical information
  • Identity Theft - occurs when someone steals and uses another's personal information without their knowledge to commit theft or fraud
  • Phishing
  • Cyber Terrorism
  • Cyber Espionage
  • Online credit card fraud
  • Cyber defamation

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Cyber Crime Litigation: Our team of Cyber Lawyers provide services to Corporate and Individuals in recovering losses due to Cyber Crime and provide Arbitration and Conciliation Support.

Cyber Law Consulting: PPC campaign trademark advice, Commercial email spam, affiliate dispute, contracts, copyright, cybercrime defence, domain name dispute, hacking/unauthorised access, lawsuit consulting, and patents.

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